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Welcome to The Church of FUD, where our megalomaniac-type false-guru is an actor performed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a character who is totally convinced that global crises are unsolvable & that catastrophic loss is inevitable.

He will entertain a debate, but he bullies people to speak in a concise way with time limits and focus because he wants the stupid debate be completed quickly, finally, and without undue struggle, so that he can go back to enjoying his entertaining life and not need to think too much about the future. The people are sick & tired of his demoralizing pessimism, blown away by his frustrated stubbornness, but for some nigh-inexplicable reason, continue to wrestle him to focus on a positive path to a solution

With interactions structured as an unruly political debate, youth are challenged into making their best bids to make the stubbornly cynical elder laugh and admit the possibility of hope. If by some miracle, someone successfully makes the stubborn fool laugh, they will become initiates in the church by being rewarded with $DrTax tokens, a MemeCoin that tracks collective progress towards recovery from addiction to trite analysis.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Psychotic analysis
  • Current events
  • Macro-economics

Course Content

Memecoin Monopoly Brand
The Financial System itself is too Big to Fail 🤯 Memecoin Monopoly (@mcm_game) is a brand production company for losers, dedicated to the pursuit of the distressed assets marketplace, the exploration of markets undergoing massive shifts in business models, and the empowerment of artists who have yet to realize their potential in driving sales and promoting conscious systems evolution. We recognize that the world is in a constant state of flux, and that within the chaos of change lie opportunities for growth and innovation. By focusing on distressed assets, our monopoly seeks to breathe new life into the forgotten corners of the marketplace, transforming potential losses into lucrative ventures. In markets where the very foundations of business are shifting, we aim to be a beacon of adaptability and foresight. By embracing change and harnessing the power of creative thinking, our Monopoly aims to navigate the turbulent waters of the modern economy and emerge stronger, more resilient, and more profitable than ever before. Yet, the true strength of a monopoly of memes lies in its commitment to the artists of the world. For too long, artists have toiled in obscurity, their talents and visions unrecognized by the systems that govern our lives. The central hub of our talent agency sees the potential in these artists, and seeks to empower them to work together in creating brands that will not only drive sales, but also promote conscious systems evolution. Diamonds in the Rough Talent Agency ($DrTax) is a full-service talent agency that specializes in connecting top talent with leading companies in various industries, especially media, technology, and living systems management. By aiming to create efficiencies in the job marketplace for independent journalists, we optimize for mobilization of resources and rapid response to global crises as they emerge. Our citizen’s journalists are supported by citizen’s scholars who focus on macro-economic dynamics, while striving to be flexible generalists who understand systems and the economy on a granular level. Citizen journalists are often embedded in their communities, whereas citizen scholars can provide the necessary context and analysis to help the public make sense of complex economic issues. Overall, our operation constitutes the most comprehensive market-making organization imaginable. We leverage all different sorts of economic models in relation to one another to demote wasteful options in the public attention and create new demand for solutions.

  • A Social Finance Solution to hard Money problems
  • Historical Economic Context
  • Rug Puller of Rug Pullers Explains Himself

Fractal Comedy Club Tour
The Fractal Comedy Club for the Global Jubilee: Our company aims to create a unique and engaging edutainment experience by hosting events that mimic an arcade and gamify spending money using proprietary in-house currencies. Our focus is on providing educational entertainment while maintaining an ironic presentation that highlights the contrast between corporate moguls and ordinary people. By hosting low-cost events, we will attract local businesses, performers, and professionals to engage with the community and promote their products and services. Company Overview: Our company will be an event tour company specializing in hosting innovative and engaging edutainment events. We will be targeting cities and regions that have a strong interest in technology, blockchain, and media messaging. Our events will be designed to attract a diverse audience, including professionals, entrepreneurs, and the general public. Mission Statement: Our mission is to create an engaging and educational entertainment experience that fosters interaction between corporate moguls and the general public. We aim to provide a platform for local businesses, performers, and professionals to showcase their products and services while promoting the use of blockchain and media messaging in the future of our economy. Our event tour company will have the following business objectives: Develop a strong brand identity that resonates with our target audience. Create a unique and engaging edutainment experience that sets us apart from other event companies. Build a network of local businesses, performers, and professionals to participate in our events. Establish partnerships with leading companies and organizations in the technology and blockchain industries. Develop proprietary in-house currencies that can be used for gamification and spending at our events. Secure sponsorships and funding to support the development and execution of our events. Expand our event tour company to new cities and regions. Target Market: Our target market includes: Professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology, blockchain, and media messaging industries. Local businesses, performers, and professionals looking to showcase their products and services. The general public interested in an engaging and educational entertainment experience. Marketing and Promotion: To promote our events, we will use a combination of online and offline marketing strategies, including: Social media marketing to reach our target audience and build a strong online presence. Email marketing campaigns to inform subscribers about upcoming events and promotions. Local advertising through print and digital media to attract local businesses and professionals. Partnerships with influencers and industry leaders to promote our events and increase brand awareness. Hosting pre-event gatherings and networking events to generate interest and excitement for our events. Our event tour company will generate revenue through multiple streams, including: Ticket sales for our events. Sponsorship deals with companies and organizations in the technology, blockchain, and media messaging industries. In-house currency sales for gamification and spending at our events. Vendor fees for local businesses, performers, and professionals participating in our events. Merchandise sales featuring our brand and event-specific designs. Conclusion: Our gamified edutainment event tour company offers a unique and engaging experience that combines the excitement of an arcade with the educational aspect of edutainment. By focusing on low-cost events and an ironic presentation, we aim to create a memorable experience for our attendees while promoting the use of blockchain and media messaging in the future of our economy.

Memecoin Monopoly Economy
The MemeCoin Monopoly DAO: The MemeCoin Monopoly DAO is an innovative solution designed to address the concerns of the insecure and unstable traditional economy, particularly the challenges posed by supply chain crises and environmental degradation. MemeCoin Monopoly envisions a decentralized and sustainable economy, driven by the principles of transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, and consensus-based decision-making. By embracing these principles, we aim to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional economic system and foster a vibrant parallel economy that meets the needs of people and the planet. Methodology: Building a parallel economy based on membership and tickets can revolutionize our ailing economy by creating liquidity for innovative businesses. Traditional funding avenues for startups are limited, hindering their growth and success. Expanding the concept of membership and tickets beyond the event industry introduces a new currency that represents a wide range of experiences and opportunities. This alternative currency holds value based on demand, allowing actors with access to exclusive events to accumulate valuable assets. The parallel economy provides a decentralized and transparent platform, leveraging blockchain technology to establish reputation-based credit histories. This builds trust and enables actors to lend or give resources to other creditworthy projects, businesses, and individuals. By creating liquidity through membership and ticket-based transactions, the parallel economy offers a lifeline to innovative businesses, providing them with startup capital free from traditional constraints. The newfound liquidity empowers businesses to flourish, contributing to overall economic growth. Actors with reputations for curating unique events or providing valuable services leverage their assets effectively. They trade or barter using ticket books, creating a dynamic ecosystem where value is exchanged based on strengths and offerings. Through their accumulated ticket books, reputable actors access a diverse range of experiences and opportunities offered by other participants. This fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth among businesses. As reputable actors engage with other offerings, they contribute to the overall circulation of the alternative currency, enhancing liquidity within the system. This fuels economic activity and promotes a thriving ecosystem. The parallel economy also enables innovative businesses to showcase their offerings, gaining influence and building trust among participants. This further fuels growth within the ecosystem. If the parallel economy gains trust and adoption, individuals can reduce reliance on traditional currencies. This frees up financial resources to support organizations and projects within the parallel economy. As individuals engage more with the parallel economy, they may find its benefits outweigh traditional currencies. The transparent and decentralized nature, coupled with reputation-based credit histories, instills confidence and encourages full adoption. Increased trust leads individuals to divest traditional currencies, contributing to the liquidity of the parallel economy. This self-sustaining cycle reinforces its strength and stability. By making traditional currencies readily available to organizations within the parallel economy, the shift enhances the financial ecosystem for innovative businesses. This grants them greater access to capital, resources, and support, driving their growth and impact on the overall economy. Integration of Existing DAOs: MemeCoin Monopoly will leverage the existing strength and coherence of diverse DAOs operating in various domains. By integrating these DAOs into a network, we can pool resources, knowledge, and expertise, while preserving individual autonomy and governance structures. This collaborative approach ensures a robust foundation for the emergent DAO and encourages cross pollination of ideas and innovation. Reputation and Belief System: The DAO will build on existing blockchain-based reputation systems that evaluate the trustworthiness and credibility of participants. By considering successful transaction history, adherence to sustainable practices, and contributions to the ecosystem, this reputation system enables fair evaluation and recognition of individuals and organizations. Collaborative Resource Sharing: The emergent DAO will facilitate resource sharing among participants through cooperative projects, lending, and crowdfunding platforms. By creating decentralized marketplaces for sustainable products, services, and knowledge exchange, MemeCoin Monopoly encourages economic cooperation and the growth of responsible businesses. Peer-to-peer lending and investment mechanisms will further support permaculture projects, self-sufficient communities, and other sustainable initiatives. Education and Awareness: Recognizing the importance of education, MemeCoin Monopoly will launch extensive awareness campaigns to promote the benefits of the parallel economy and the values it represents. Workshops, webinars, and community events will provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, skill development, and capacity building. To amplify the impact of the parallel economy, MemeCoin Monopoly will forge strategic partnerships with organizations, businesses, and communities that share similar values. Collaborations with universities, research institutions, and domain experts will drive innovation and facilitate interdisciplinary solutions to pressing challenges. By expanding networks and leveraging collective expertise, we can foster a resilient and globally connected parallel economy. Evolution and Expansion: MemeCoin Monopoly seeks to foster the emergence of new DAOs and the integration of additional communities into the parallel economy. By nurturing a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and innovation, we can respond effectively to evolving challenges and seize opportunities for growth. Exploring collaborations with other parallel economies and enabling cross-chain interactions will further expand the reach and impact of the emergent DAO.

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